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1954:JanuaryMITSUMI Electric Works established in Yukigaya, Ota-ku, Tokyo.
1955:MarchPOLYVARICON (polyethylene variable capacitor) that served as basis for the company's growth completed.
1956:MarchHead office and factory moved to Ōsakihonmachi, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo.
1957:OctoberMiniature coils announced.
1958:MarchNew company building constructed in Komae-shi, Tokyo and the company moved to the new base.
Mass production of miniature coils commences about this time.
1959:SeptemberFactory specializing in POLYVARICONs constructed in Kokuryo, Chofu-shi, Tokyo.
 NovemberCompany name "三美" modifyed name "MITSUMI"


1960:MarchCapital increased to ¥100,000,000.
 JulyFactory specializing in coils constructed in Kokuryo-cho, Chofu-shi,Tokyo.
 SeptemberCapital increased to ¥200,000,000. Public offering of stocks carried out in Tokyo over-the-counter-market.
1961:MarchRepresentative office established in New York, USA.
 JuneCapital increased to ¥400,000,000.
 OctoberStocks listed on the Class B stock exchange.
 NovemberMicro-motors announced.
1962:SeptemberTransistorized FM tuners announced.
1963:JulyTransistorized VHF TV tuners announced.
1964:AugustTransistorized UHF TV tuners announced.
 SeptemberMITSUMI Limited Responsibility Company set up in Hong Kong as a sales company.
1965:AprilEuropean liaison office opened in Dusseldorf, Germany.(the predecessor of the present R&D)
 DecemberDevelopment Div. ATSUGI research institute established.
1966:FebruaryCapital increased to ¥601,500,000. New York representative office upgraded to overseas affiliated company MITSUMI ELECTRONICS CORP.
 MayAtsugi plant opened.
1967:JanuaryTAIWAN MITSUMI CO., LTD. established in Kaohsing, Taiwan.
 MarchMITSUMI-CINCH CO., LTD. established.Hybrid integrated circuits announced.
 DecemberStocks listed on the Class A stock exchange.
1968:SeptemberTOCHIGI MITSUMI CO., LTD. established.
1969:MarchKYUSHU MITSUMI CO., LTD. established.
 JulyTAIPEI MITSUMI CO., LTD. established in Keelung, Taiwan.
 NovemberCapital increased to ¥1,200,000,000 (West Germany GBC)


1970:JanuaryConstruction work continued over 6 stages at the Atsugi Operation Base. completed.
 AugustCapital increased to ¥1,614,720,000.
1972:JulyFENG SHAN MITSUMI CO., LTD. established in Hsien, Taiwan. MITSUMI ELECTRONICS(S.) PTE. LTD. established in Singapore.
1973:MarchKOREA MITSUMI CO., LTD. established.
1974:JanuaryMITSUMI Management Credoestablished.
 AprilThe Kagi Factory of TAIPEI MITSUMI commences operation.
1976:SeptemberMagnetic head for micro-cassette use developed.
1977:JanuaryMITSUMI GERMANY CO., LTD. established.
 FebruaryCapital increased to ¥1,937,660,000 (Free 1:0.20).
 MarchMiniature inductance coils announced.
 JuneDeveloped laminate-type sendust heads.
 SeptemberAnnounced a number of new products at MITSUMI Parts Show(1th). Announced ninety different new products, including a new super-thin, super-small, polyethylene-film variable capacitor; an automobile radio tuner; and an electronic tuning tuner.
1978:AprilCapital increased to ¥2,015,170,000.
 AugustNagano Factory completed.
 FebruaryHeld MITSUMI Parts Show(2th).
 JuneIC-dedicated plant opened at Atsugi Business Division.


1980:JuneMITSUMI PHILIPPINES, INC. established.
 NovemberIC's for motor speed control announced.
1981:FebruaryHeld MITSUMI Parts Show(3th).
 JulyChicago office of MITSUMI ELECTONICS CORP. set up. MITSUMI SINGAPORE's new factory completed.
1982:JanuaryCATV tuners announced.
 MayNew Mito Factory of MITSUMI CINCH CO., LTD. completed.
 JuneMagnetic head for floppy disk use announced. IC's in 3V Series for headphone stereos announced.
 SeptemberVideo head for VTR use announced.
1983:JanuaryChip inductor announced.
 FebruaryAnnounced Monolithic IC for System Reset.
 JulyNEWTRONICS CO., LTD. constructed in Tendo-shi, Yamagata.
A large-scale factory established to produce floppy disk drive machine.
 SeptemberThe Santa Clara office set up in Santa Clara, California.
1984:FebruaryAKITA MITSUMI CO., LTD. established. Production of RF modulators, CATV converters and machine-processed products taken care of at this new company.
Held MITSUMI Parts Show '84(4th).
 MayLarge-scale CAD system introduced and set up at the ATSUGI DEVELOPMENT CENTER.(the present R&D)
1985:FebruaryCapital increased to ¥4,159,170,000. (capital increase by public subscripiton)
 MarchFME factory completed.
 AugustMITSUMI CINCH CO., LTD. associated company changed its name into MITSUMI TRW CO., LTD.
 DecemberThe third office of MITSUMI ELECTRONICS CORPORATION opens for business in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.
1986:FebruaryHeld MITSUMI Parts Show '86(5th).
 JuneHONG KONG BRANCH established.
 JulySINGAPORE BRANCH established.
 AugustMITSUMI TECHNOLOGY INC. established in Santa Clara, California, U.S.A. Tsukui resort house completed in Kanagawa prefecture.
 OctoberMITSUMI TECHNOLOGY (M.) SDN. BHD. established.
 DecemberAffiliated company MITSUMI TRW CO., LTD. changed is name to MITSUMI NEWTEC CO., LTD. Warrant bonds equivalent to 70,000,000 Franc issued in Switzerland.
1987:JuneJINHAE MITSUMI CO., LTD. established in Korea.
 OctoberMITSUMI UK LTD. established in U.K.
1988:FebruaryHeld MITSUMI Parts Show '88(6th).
 AugustDAT Data-Streamer announced.
 SeptemberPhoto Receiving Module (Excel IC used) announced.
1989:JanuaryCEBU MITSUMI, INC. established in Cebu, Philippines. Capital is P100,000,000.
 FebruaryMITSUMI (THAILAND) CO., LTD. established in Chonburi, Thailand. Capital is B130,000,000.


1990:FebruaryHeld MITSUMI SHOW '90(7th).
 JulyMITSUMI IRELAND LTD. established in Ireland.
Capital is IR £428,500.
1991:JanuaryPresident"Hajime Moribe", or, and the founder, died suddenly on January 6, and vice-president"Takashi Haraguchi"promoted to the president.
 AprilEstablished ALPHA PERIPHERALS CORP. as a development company in Irvine city, California, U.S.A.
Capital is U.S. $3,000,000.
in Zhuhai Guangdong, China to produce polyvaricons, mini-motors, and transformers.
 DecemberCapital increased to ¥7,280,426,170 as a result of exercising the warrant priority of warrant bonds on Swiss Franc basis.
Total capital stocks issued amount to 51,357,737 stocks.
1992:FebruaryHeld MITSUMI SHOW '92(8th).
 MarchEstabilished QINGDAO MITSUMI ELECT RIC CO., LTD. in Qingdao Shandon Province, China. Capital is U.S. $10,000,000.
Capital is U.S. $8,000,000.
 DecemberSemiconductor division has acquired international" QA" standard "ISO9001".
1993:FebruaryTAIWAN MITSUMI CO., LTD. and FENG SHAN MITSUMI CO., LTD. amalgamted on an equal basis.
Partnership retained the name FENG SHAN MITSUMI CO., LTD.
 MarchAnnounced an HDD head "Slim Slider" which has been depeloped by introducting the latest processing processes and new profile.
 AugustMITSUMI ELECTONICS (B.P.) SDN. BHD. acquired ISO-9002 by pointing devices(mouse).
 OctoberReceived 1993 Good Desing Designation "( G Mark") for Bus Interface Connector and Optical Digital Transmission Connector.
CD-ROM drives compatible with double speed ones were announced.
 NovemberDomestic unsecured convertible debentures were issued.(10-billions)
 DecemberISO-9002 international quality standard for keyboard was obtained by CHOFU Operation Base.
1994:FebruaryHeld 1994 MITSUMI SHOW(9th)to commemorate the 40th year of the founding of MITSUMI.
Exhibited 394 new products, including IDE Bus-specific Double-speed CD-ROM Drive.
MS ELECTRONICS SDN.BHD. (now MITSUMI SEGAMAT) established at Segamat Johor Malaysia.
Capital is Malaysia $8,000,000.
 SeptemberAnnounced GPS Reception Antenna.
 OctoberAVC Division obtained license for international quality standard, ISO-9001, from TÜV.
TIANJIN MITSUMI Electric CO., LTD. obtained license for international quality standard, ISO-9002, from TÜV.
Announced the CRMC-FX400 CD-ROM, which was 4 times faster than comventional models.
 DecemberMITSUMI NEWTEC CO., LTD., obtained license for international quality standard, ISO-9001, from TÜV.
1995:FebruaryAnnounced PF Combo Drive, DP119F2, which combined FDD and PC card drive in one unit.
 AprilAnnounced the TSU9-E01DT broadcast second RF unit.
 MayDeveloped and announced the WMF-R01 reception module.
Reached the one million mark for shipments of DAT deck mechanisms to Hewlett-Packard of the United States.
 JuneEstablished CD-ROM technical support facility in the Atsugi Factory.
QINGDAO MITSUMI Electric CO., LTD., obtained license for international quality standard, ISO-9002, from SGS.
 OctoberDeveloped and announced a single-function, 6-watt output liquid crystal backlight inverter module, the BIM-BB203; the KPQEA4ZA/ 5ZA keyboard for Windows 95; and the VB501 PC/TV video capture board with TV tuner.
Two times domestic unsecured convertible debentures were issued.(20-billions)
 DecemberCompleted construction of the second factory in the semiconductor division.
1996:FebruaryHold 1996 MITSUMI SHOW(10th).
Exhibited 268 new products, including 128MB Floppy Disk Drive, 6X speed/8X speed CD-ROM Drive, Wireless Mouse.
The 51st settlement period is an irregular settlement for the eight-month period from Fabruary 1,1996 to September 31, 1996.
 AprilVice-president" Itsuo Moribe" promoted to the president on April 25.
 JulyA CDR Business Department was established within the Development Division.
 SeptemberMITSUMI was chosen by the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a company whose dividends have increased five years in a row.
The" MITSUMI Take Off!" home page was completed.
The 130 MB high-capacity floppy disk drive" UHC" (ultra-high capacity) was announced.
The S226 A4-size sheet-feed color scanner, and the CRMC-FX120 12X speed CD-ROM drive were developed and announced.
 OctoberThe 52nd settlement period is an irregular settlement for the sixmonth period from October 1,1996 to March 31, 1997.
Established the office in Seattle, Washington.
 NovemberEntry into the CD-R market announced.
 DecemberCapital increased to ¥7,699,920,000.
1997:JanuaryMITSUMI Newtec receives Internationl Standards ISO-14001 Certification form the Japan Electrical Testing Laboratory (JET).
MS Electronics (Malaysia) changes its name to MITSUMI Segamat (Malaysia).
Low-consumption current lowpower ECM-S39 mouse series announced.
 FabruaryCRMC-FX160 CD-ROM drive capable of reading data at 16-speed announced.
 AprilStarting with the 53rd settlement period, the settlement period is changed from February 1-January 31 of each Year to April 1-March 31.
 NovemberMITSUMI's Atsugi Operation Base received ISO-14001 International Standard Certification from JET.
 DecemberCapital increasecd to ¥10,893,330,000.
1998:JanuaryNew products announced: Wireless LAN RF unit DRT-J001 and CD-ROM drive pick-up PXR-532G.
MITSUMI headquarters, Chofu Operation Base received ISO-14001 International Standard Cerification from JET.
ISO14001 Certification completed at domestic manufacturing points (8 locations).
 FebruaryThe '98 MITSUMI SHOW(11th) was held under the theme "Toward the Future. Building Dreams with MITSUMI Technology.
"A total of 230 new products were exhibited, including optical pick-ups, HDD heads, DVD-ROM, DVD-S, D-GPS, USB wireless systems, next generation interface connectors and more.
Total FDD units manufactured reaches 100,000,000.
 MarchNew products announced: IR wireless quick scroll mouse ECM-W51 series.
 AprilTCXO "MT series" developed and launched on the crystal oscillator market.
 JuneJoint development, manufacturing and marketing agreement reached with Philips (Headquarters Philips Electronics NV, The Netherlands) in the optical storage field.
 JulyAdvisor Mr. Haraguchi, former president and founding member of MITSUMI passes away at age 72.
 AugustSemiconductor division introduces CMOS process.
Developed and announced CEM-D03 Card edge connector for CPUs conforming to Slot1 standard.
 OctoberDeveloped and announced CD-R drive with 4x speed write / 8x speed read capability.
Developed and announced MM1454 Virtual Surround Processor.
 NovemberDevelopment and announcement of CM-8811, an MRC-supporting APS camera head.
 DecemberDevelopment and announcement of USB-supporting Quick Scroll mouse ECM-S5003, and PXR-724U, an optical pick-up for 24X speed thin CD-ROM drives.
1999:FebruaryQS-9000 Certification obtained by domestic and overseas locations (one domestic associated company, three overseas associated companies).
 JuneParticipation in cable telephony system business of AT&T (U.S.A.).
Development and announcement of magnetic modulation head RM-21E-A for MD, mini notebook mice ECM-S5203/-S5403, and DSSS transmitter/receivers WMF-T30/WMF-R30.
The new company name is YAMAGATA MITSUMI CO., LTD.
Accompanying the merger, the name of the" Three Companies Operation Business Division"changed to the"PMC Business Division."PST31xx to PST34xx Series CMOS Reset IC developed and introduced.
MM3001/MM3004 Series CMOS Regulator IC developed and introduced.
 AugustTwelve production facilities both in Japan and overseas were awarded the US Automobile Industry Standard QS9000 Certification.
CIM-D74 was developed and introduced as the connector use for the next-generation storage media.
 SeptemberOn September 17, Senior Director and Sales Division Manager Hideo Moribe suddenly passed away. He was 61.
The number of DAT mechanisms shipped to Hewlett-Packard reached 5 million units.(8 years 4 months)
 DecemberD353GU Floppy Disk Drive passed the USB Compliance Workshop test.
TID obtained.


2000:JanuaryConnectors for ETC vehicle on-board units developed and introduced.
 FebruaryPVR-202S Optical Pickup for DVD Video Players developed and introduced.
NetStar11 11Mbps high-speed wireless LAN developed and introduced.
ECM-S6003 solid-state mouse using optical sensors developed and introduced.
 FebruaryMITSUMI SHOW 2000 (12th) was held with theme" MITSUMI Technology-The Sure Beat to the Future." Approximately 500 items exhibited.
Of these, 300 items were new products.
 MarchURC2401X USB Remote Control developed and introduced.
 AprilMITSUMI Electric was included in the Nikkei Stock Average of 225 Companies.
 MayDVD video player optical pick-up (supports CD-R/RW) PVR-202T developed and released.
 JuneMemory stick mouse ECM-S5005 developed and released.
 SeptemberAgreement concluded with Philips Semiconductor on Manufacturing and Resale of Semiconductors.
 DecemberSemiconductor Works #3 within the Atsugi Operation Base built and construction completed.
2001:JanuaryCard-type remote control REA-34 series developed and released.
Acqvired the attestation of Bluetooth® module logo for mass production standard Class 2.
 MayEnergy-saving power supply secondary control IC MM1529 developed and released.
 JuneCD-R/RW drive CR-4808TE developed and mass production.
 SeptemberPurification ceremony for new Headquarters building site held on September 10.
 NovemberBluetooth® USB adaptor WIF-0402C developed and put into mass production.
XM radio receiver antenna XMA series developed and mass-produced starting.
 DecemberBluetooth® module(Class 1) WML-C07 certification completed (November).
2002:JanuaryCD-R/RW drive CR-480ATE, supporting x32 CD-R speed, x12 CD-RW speed and Mt.Rainier developed.
Comprehensive business alliance agreement reached with Philips Semiconductors, ranging widely from manufacturing to sales and marketing.
 FebruaryGPS antenna unit GPS-CG2C9 developed.
43% smaller and thinner Bluetooth® module (Class 2), WML-C09 developed.
MITSUMI SHOW 2002 (13th) was held with theme" Catch the Dream- Challenging Creativity".
50% smaller and thinner Bluetooth® module (Class 1), WML-C11 developed.
 AprilAs of April 1, executive vice president Shigeru Moribe was promoted to president.
On the same date, president Itsuo Moribe was appointed as chairman.
 NovemberNew company building constructed in Tsurumaki, Tama-shi, Tokyo and headquarters moved to new base.
2003:MayChairman Itsuo Moribe receives The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.
 JuneV-groove board VGQ--32HX for optical fiber arrays developed and intoroduced.
 JulyFP-STICK fingerprint authenticator with USB interface developed and introduced.
Sign license agreement with SSH for Internet VPN technology.
Announce development and manufacture of VPN gateway product.
 AugustIPsec support with Plug & Play.
Development and marketing of IPVia500 VPN Gateway.
 DecemberConstruction started on MITSUMI's Fourth China plant, in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province, The People's Republic of China.
Wujiang MITSUMI Electronics CO., LTD. started to operate.
2004:JanuaryDevelopment and release of CMV-61CX smallest 6mm angle camera module.
Development and release of DVT33-J03D terrestrial broadcast digital tuner for Japan.
Development and release of WMF-R21/R33 high-sensitivity narrow-band keyless receiver.
Development and release of DAB7-E01 Eureka 147 system DAB tuner.
Development and release of 2.6 GHz satellite digital audio broadcast reception antenna for use in Japan.
 FebruaryDevelopment and release of ETC externally mounted car antenna.
MITSUMI SHOW 2004 (14th) was held with theme" Expand Your Dreams and Change the World! New Total Solutions."A total of about 500 exhibits.
There were a total of 254 new products, including reference exhibits.
The seminar was also a hit, presenting 6 topics over two days.
Development and release of combination GPS/cellular antenna.
 AprilParty and ceremony held to commemorate 50th anniversary of compan's founding.
A plum tree was planted in the front garden of the home office to commemorate the event.
 JulyDRT-A701 digital surround transmitter for wireless speakers developed and introduced.
 SeptemberSeptember 1, Renesas Technology Corp. and the Chitose Factory reached a basic agreement to transfer the sales sector.
The joint press conference took place at the Keidanren Kaikan.
 OctoberFAQ-08HC optical fiber array developed and introduced.
WMLC38 Bluetooth® HCI module Co- developed and introduced with KYOCERA Corporation.
IP Via 500 VPN Gateway developed and introduced.
CAM-F77/IAM-F78 HDMI connector developed and introduced.
ITB-1000x IP set-top box developed and introduced.
 NovemberDonations totaling 10 million yen was given to the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake victims through the Niigata Prefectural Disaster Task Force Headquarters.
 DecemberDecember 1, Opening ceremony took place at the Chitose Business Division by President and CEO Shigeru Moribe.
2005:OctoberWML-C41 Ultra low power consumption wireless modules developed and introduced.
SU Series Ultrasonic sensors developed and introduced.
MM3197XR White LED driver ICs developed and introduced.
MM3217 Charge-pump type white LED driver ICs developed and introduced.
2006:JanuaryMDB1-A01 all-in-one back-end-board for ATSC-TV developed and introduced.
 FebruaryMITSUMI SHOW 2006 (15th) was held with theme "Creation Solution in the Future exhibit 261 new products.
"DMT-27J06D" ground digital/BS integrated tuner developed and introduced.
 SeptemberDVT7-J03D front end modules for terrestrial digital one-segment broadcast and reception developed and introduced.
 OctoberFirst automotive wide-angle camera module developed and introduced.
BST series of terrestrial digital and BS/CS digital broadcast distributors developed and introduced.
 DecemberOn December 5, our headquarters building was certified as a Superior Fire-Resistant Building by the Tokyo Fire and Disaster Management Agency, Tama Fire Station (certificate number: 0612-906-001).
2007:FebruaryDVT7-J11D front end modules for terrestrial digital one-segment broadcast and reception developed and introduced.
 SeptemberDMT33-JO7D combined terrestrial/satellite digital tuner developed and introduced.
 OctoberDCA-C01 automotive film antenna for terrestrial digital broadcast reception (12-seg./1-seg.) developed and introduced.
2008:FebruaryDVT‚V-J12D 1-segment unit module for terrestrial digital broadcast reception, the smallest in the industry, developed and introduced.
MITSUMI SHOW 2008 (16th) was held with theme "Technology Leader - Reform the Future" .
With exhibition of 450 items, including 218 new items.
PSU-501BS series power units for LED lighting developed and introduced.
SOU Series of thin side-click type tactile switches, the thinnest in the industry, developed and introduced.
Joint development and release with Broad Net Mux Corporation of emergency earthquake bulletin reception terminal.
CIM-H75N micro SD card connector, world's thinnest at 1.4 mm developed and introduced.
 MarchThe joint development agreement on the protection circuit module for the battery of the mobile phone with NTT DoCoMo CO., LTD. was concluded and announced.
The test site was constructed in Michigan State in the U.S.
Agree to the technical tie-up and OEM supply turning to the antenna business strengthening with the ABB CO., LTD. in Germany wad announced.
 SeptemberMM3324 Lithium Ion Secondary Battery Charge Control IC for AC Charger developed and introduced.
2009:AprilMM3404 Low drop output, high ripple rejection 200mA regulator IC developed and introduced.
 MayDVT15-C02T TV tuner for terrestrial digital broadcasting for China developed and introduced.
 JuneSON Series long-life tactile switches developed and introduced.
 JulyANT-JK1 GPS chip antenna was developed and introduced. Start of mass production in December. Out of 1,179,000 ordinary stocks corresponding to the allocation of newly issued stocks to a third party executed by ELIY Power CO., LTD., we accepted 294,000 stocks.
 SeptemberMM3438 1-cell lithium ion battery second protection IC was developed and introduced. Start of mass production in November.
 OctoberWe increased the production of the reset IC with a delay circuit “PST87/88xx series” that is already mass-produced, to a level of 15,000,000 pieces per month that is one and a half times as high as the former level in September.


2010:FebruaryWe held “MITSUMI SHOW 2010” (the 17th) with “MITSUMI Opening New Frontiers !” as its theme. The total number of exhibits was 188 including 111 new exhibits.
 SeptemberMM3457 proximity + illuminance sensor IC was developed and announced. Start of mass production in May 2011. QINGDAO MITSUMI ELECTRONICS was established in No.2 Dayangzhou Road, West Coast Export Processing Zone, Qingdao, City, Shandong Province, China.
 OctoberDAB15/16 series DAB receiving module was developed and announced. Start of mass production in December 2011. MM3473 series AC/DC power source secondary side synchronous rectification control IC was developed and announced. Start of mass production in July.
2011:JanuarySOV series tactile switch was developed and announced. Start of mass production in January.
 MayThe second source license contract for module products using the Z-wave technology that was expected as a wireless communication technology of HAN (home area network) with U.S. Sigma Designs, Inc. (U.S. California Milpitas) was concluded and announced.
 SeptemberMM3688XXXRRE temperature switch IC with a hysteresis function whose power consumption would be minimized in the industry was developed and announced. Mass production was started in January 2012.
 OctoberStart of mass production in March 2012. DRT-J520 HD-PLC module for embedded applications conforming to the international standard IEEE1901 for the first time in the world was developed and announced. Start of sample shipping in December.
 NovemberMM3527/MM3601 series system reset IC with watch dog timer function was developed and announced.
Start of MM3527 series mass production in November and MM3601 series in December.
2012:AugustMM1839 200mA regulator IC with a reverse-bias protection function was developed and announced. Start of mass production in June.
 SeptemberITB-5070 simple service box was developed and announced. Start of mass production in March 2013. GPA-GS400 antenna for GPS- GLONASS was developed and announced. Start of mass production in April 2013. The buildings and equipment of “QINGDAO MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.” were damaged by the effect of Anti-Japanese demonstration and the operation was stopped.
2013:JanuaryWe developed modules and systems for electro-mobiles, plug-in hybrid cars, battery charging systems, and smart energy management systems in cooperation with Greenvity Communications INC. (California in U.S.A) and agreed to business cooperation with this company.
 MarchMM3645xxxVRE 1-cell protection IC for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery and MM8013xxxPRE battery monitoring IC (Coulomb counting type) were developed and announced. Start of mass production in June.
 MayMITSUMI Automotive de Mexico was established in the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
 JuneMWM-W561 WiMAX module were developed and announced. Start of mass production in June.
 SeptemberMM3575xxxWBE 3 to 5-cell protection ICs for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery were developed and announced. Start of mass production in December. MM3608/MM3615 300mA LDO with a thermal shutdown circuit/temperature sensor were developed and announced. Start of mass production in December. MM3721 Series 1-cell protection ICs for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery were developed and announced. Start of mass production in November.
 OctoberCIM-K10R SD memory card connector conforming to UHS-I SD memory card standards was developed and announced. Start of mass production in October.
2014:FebruaryAnnouncement of transfer of the business of some ICs for lithium ion batteries and some mixed signal LSIs from Hitachi ULSI Systems CO., LTD. CMI-BD001 standard specification interface connection unit for automotive was developed and announced. Mass production in August, 2015.
 JuneHigh Speed Data (HSD) connector series (such as normal height type, low height type, vertically-mounted type and horizontally-mounted type connectors) that allows high-speed data transfer as automotive devices was developed and announced. Start of mass production in June. Receptacle coaxial connectors conforming to automotive FAKRA standards were developed and announced. Start of mass production in June.
 JulyMM3472 low-consumption and high-efficiency DC/DC converter IC developed and announced. Start of mass production in the fall 2014.
 SeptemberMM3722 Series 1-cell protection ICs for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery was developed. Start of mass production in September. MM3625 Series 3~4 cells secondary protection ICs for was developed. Start of mass production in September. And MM3783 Series 3-cell protection ICs for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery was developed. Start of mass production in October. STI-055A16XX tactile switch being the smallest type in the industry was developed. Start of mass production in October. MM3724 Series 1-cell protection ICs with low current detection function for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery was developed. Start of mass production in September.
Mitsumi Automotive de Mexico, S.A. of C.V. being an affiliated manufacturing company was established in Mexico. This company was operated on a full scale in September.
 OctoberMC3001 protection IC with FET for lithium ion secondary battery was developed. Start of mass production in December.
2015:MarchME01 Series 1-cell protection IC for lithium iron / lithium polymer secondary battery with voltage adjusting function using OTP was developed. Start of mass production in June.
 AprilCIM-K09RS SD card connector of low-price type resulting from miniaturization and reduction of material cost was developed. Start of mass production in December.
 AugustMM3667AFFE secondary-side synchronous rectification control IC for AC-DC power supply was developed.
The bond (200 billion yen) with a new stock reservation right of Euro-Yen convertible bonds with a term of expiration in 2022 was issued. In the period from July 17, 2015 to August 7, 2015, 6,240,300 treasury stocks (4,999,963,300 yen) were paid back.
 SeptemberMM3684 Series 3~5 cells protection IC for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery was developed. Start of mass production in December. CAM-K78A/V, CAM-K81 and IAM-K80C/P USACAR connectors was developed. Start of mass production in January, 2016. GPA-CS200 antenna for GPS/GLONASS was developed.
 OctoberMJ3401 protection IC with memory for lithium ion / lithium polymer secondary battery was developed. Start of mass production in December. MMR933XA altitude atmospheric pressure sensor was developed. Start of mass production in 2016.
 DecemberThe fundamental agreement related to the management integration with Minebea CO., LTD. was concluded.
2016:MarchMM1897 LDO with a latch-up clearing function was developed. Start of mass production in June.
The management integration agreement related to management integration and the stock exchange agreement were concluded with Minebea CO., LTD.