Last updated: May. 8, 2018

Corporate Governance

Faced with a ceaselessly changing global market, MITSUMI believes that it is important to improve the efficiency and speed of operations as well as to maintain soundness and transparency of operations so that we can improve our corporate value steadily while improving the corporate performance and dealing with expansion of our business.
With this philosophy as our basis, MITSUMI is creating systems for speedy and accurate business judgments, and also is improving and strengthening the corporate governance system by using the statutory audit system, selecting outside directors and introducing an executive officer system in April 2014 to establish the effective corporate governance system.
Corporate governance structure


MITSUMI has created compliance systems in efforts throughout the MITSUMI Group to observe laws, rules of conduct and regulations and carry out our social responsibility as a corporation. The Compliance Committee is composed of the responsible officers, a general affairs division (legal group), Internal Auditing Office, etc. It creates in-house regulations on division of operations, job competence, etc. in creating systems to carry out operations in accordance with in-house procedures. Compliance promotion structure

Risk Management

Recent years have seen an increase in the risks for enterprises as well as the types of risks. Risk-prevention and appropriate responses when risks occur are an important element of corporate governance.
In addition to preventing risk occurrence, MITSUMI has created risk management systems for speedy and accurate responses should risks occur.
Concrete measures include extraction of all conceivable risks when conducting operations to determine response priorities while implementing and directing concrete countermeasures.
Risk management structure

Customers and MITSUMI

Our basic thinking about our customers
How can we increase the level of satisfaction of customers? This can be called a major issue for development of operations at electronics parts manufacturers as well. We have established the following as issues to deal with in increasing customer satisfaction: Getting a grasp on market trends and changes in needs, sufficient care of the environment, establishing the best price with high quality, speedy and accurate delivery. The entire MITSUMI Group is engaged in efforts to improve all working organizations in the company.
Acting as an electronic parts manufacturer enjoying close ties of trust with its customers, Mitsui pledges itself to further growth and development.
Obtaining ISO9001 International Quality Management Standards
MITSUMI has now obtained ISO9001 international quality management standard accreditation at all its operational centers and production sites in Japan and abroad. We have additionally obtained ISO/TS16949 international quality management system accreditation, which involves even higher standards in addition to the individual requirements for the auto industry.

Suppliers and MITSUMI

Basic Purchasing Directives
In manufacturing high-performance/high-quality electronic parts, an indispensable element is tightly-knit cooperative ties with suppliers of raw materials and parts. In addition to observing laws, MITSUMI makes every effort to carry out fair and just purchase operations in accordance with social norms and ethics.
Getting Involved in Green Procurement
MITSUMI has all its suppliers submit information on all the materials and resources they supply and carries out checks to insure that no prohibited substances are being used.
Chemical Substance Management
There are now various laws and regulations that restrict use of certain chemical substances, such as the RoHS directive in the EU nations. The MITSUMI Group has developed the motto: "Do not bring in! Do not use! Do not take out!" any harmful chemical substances. In addition, of course, to eliminating such banned substances from our products, we have also singled out substances for control to gain a grasp on usage amounts as we construct our own chemical substance management systems.

Local Communities and MITSUMI

The entire MITSUMI Group has proclaimed harmony and cooperation with the local community as its motto in participating in local activities and activities that contribute to society. These have taken many forms.
Chitose Business Division
(Support of a Traffic Safety Campaign)
Chitose Business Division
Atsugi Business Division
(Joining in the Sagami-gawa river
cleanup campaign)
Atsugi Business Division

Employees and MITSUMI

MITSUMI considers it crucial for the sustainable development of our enterprise that all employees can bring their special abilities and strengths to bear in operations and carry out fulfilling work. With that in mind, we honor the individual personalities of our employees and use proper treatment and benefits as the basis for creating a working environment with a feeling of fulfillment and intellectual stimulation.