Announced on August 7, 2015

Drastic improvements to power source efficiency
Secondary side synchronous rectification controller IC for AC-DC power sources

The <MM3667AFFE> is a synchronous rectification controller IC for insulated AC-DC power sources.
Using <MM3667AFFE> and a MOSFET synchronous rectification circuit in place of the diode in conventional secondary side rectifiers brings drastic improvements to efficiency. In addition to better meeting various power efficiency restrictions that are growing more stringent annually, a reduction in the amount of heat generated means heat sinks can be reduced in size, which is effective for designing more compact, thinner chip sets.
Two switching power source circuit types are available: half-bridge current resonance (LLC), and quasi-resonance flyback (QR).
  • Switching the operating mode ensures compatibility with LLC power sources or QR power sources.
  • Equipped with standby mode for lower power consumption during standby.
  • Proprietary synchronous rectification control prevents faults such as counter-currents and false detection (false detection caused by transient changes in resonance currents) for more reliable operation.
Main specifications
Input voltage range 6.0 to 15.0V
Consumption current 0.66mA (LLC mode)
0.65mA (QR mode)
Operating frequency range 25 to 500kHz (LLC mode)
25 to 200kHz (QR mode)
Gate drive voltage 6.0 to 15.0V
Turn-off threshold Variable
Off timing detection method Drain voltage detection
Package SOP-8J
Dimensions 6.00 (W) × 5.02 (D) × 1.65 (H) mm