Announced on October 6, 2015

Higher Accuracy Overcharge Detection Voltage and Overcurrent Cutoff Current with Internal Memory
Internal Memory Protection IC for Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer Secondary Batteries

The battery market is trending towards greater battery capacity and higher currents in line with increased loads.
The <MJ3401> extends the usage life of the battery with higher accuracy overcharge detection voltage, and ensures normal current of the set with high accuracy overcurrent cutoff current. The product has been designed with the concept of cutting off abnormal currents in safer areas.
This contributes to a higher level of safety for mobile devices that use lithium ion secondary batteries.
  • The internal memory allows correction of overcharge detection voltage and overcurrent cutoff current after package assembly
    Allowing the effects of assembly stress to be corrected increases the overcharge detection voltage precision. Providing feedback of the FET on resistance characteristics to the overcharge detection voltage increases the overcurrent cutoff current precision.
  • 2-in-1 package with protection IC and charge/discharge switch FET
    Board design has been simplified by combining these into a single package.
  • Less mounting space
    Low height (0.5mm max.) despite being a stacked 2-in-1 package. Contributes to thinner boards.
Main specifications
Maximum rated voltage 10V max. (protection IC section),
24V max. (FET section)
Maximum power dissipation 1W
Drain current 12A max. (DC)
Operating voltage range 1.5 to 5.5V
Overcharge detection voltage 4.1 to 4.6V ±10mV
(possible setting range and tolerance)
Over-discharge detection voltage 2.0 to 3.0V ±35mV
(possible setting range and tolerance)
Discharge overcurrent
cutoff current
4.0 to 8.0A ±20% or less
(possible setting range and tolerance)
Charge overcurrent
cutoff current
4.0 to 8.0A ±20% or less
(possible setting range and tolerance)
Source-source on resistance 11.0mΩ typ.
Package PLP-4-2141
Dimensions 2.1(D)×4.1(W)×0.5(H) mm