Announced on September 25, 2015

Development of Compact GPS/GLONASS Antenna
Compact GPS/GLONASS Antenna

The <GPA-CS200> is a compact antenna for GPS/GLONASS. Its size (volume) is 55% of that of conventional Mitsumi antennas, and features the same shape as the standalone GPS antenna.
With the growing number of electronic components installed in vehicles, it has become increasingly difficult every year to set aside sufficient space for antennas, so the previous shape has been retained to allow the antenna to be installed in the same location as the previous antenna.
  • Compact antenna : 36.0(W) × 33.0(D) × 12.8(H) mm
    Uses compact antenna element, single-feed circuitry
  • Ensures outstanding interference wave resistance characteristics with the use of a SAW filter
  • Ensures JIS C0920 7 class waterproofing
  • Mounting with magnets or double-sided tape
  • Cable length 5m (connector : CN)
  • Customizable to suit mass-production (cable length, connectors, mounting brackets)
Main specifications
Reception frequencies 1574.397 to 1605.375MHz
Antenna gain 2.3dBi typ. *1
<LNA section>
Gain 26dB typ.
Out-of-band attenuation 30dB typ.
Noise factor 1.1dB typ.
Supply voltage 3V or 5V
Consumption current 20mA
Gain 27dBi typ. (elevation angle 90º) *2
Output impedance 50Ω
Dimensions 36.0(W) × 33.0(D) × 12.8(H)mm
*1 conditions : with GND plate (70 × 70 mm)
*2 conditions : with GND plate (70 × 70 mm, with 5m cable length)