Announced on April 3, 2015

More compact, low-cost type with reduction in materials costs
Standard specification SD card connector

SD cards are used in a wide range of devices, including cameras, printers, computers and car navigation systems. Offering excellent versatility and convenience as well as increasing capacity, SD cards are expected to be used in a greater number of products into the future.
In recent years, products equipped with SD cards are becoming more compact and lower in cost, and the same is being expected of the connectors required to use the cards. Meanwhile, faster transmission speeds tend to increase noise, and measures to prevent this are expected to be built into the connectors.
To achieve this, the <CIM-K03N/CIM-K03NS/CIM-K10R/CIM-K09RS> features a reverse type with better GND and a stand-off that can be adjusted to 1.8mm as part of standard specification SD card connectors that are more compact, lower in cost and protect against noise.
To ensure compatibility with a wider range of board layouts, four product options can be selected, with standard (K03N/K03NS) and reversed (K09NS/K10R) types available with a 0.05mm stand-off (K03N/K03NS/K09NS) and 1.3mm stand-off (K10R). Functional features include card ejection prevention and forced ejection prevention (CIM-K03NS/CIM-K09RS).
  • External size : industry's smallest class
  • SD speed standard : UHS-I
  • Eject stroke length : 7.5mm
  • Better GND type (CIM-K03NS/CIM-K09RS)
  • Card ejection prevention (4 models), forced ejection prevention
Main specifications
<Common to 4 models>
Media ejection method push-push type
Insulation resistance (initial) 1,000MΩ min.
Contact resistance (initial) 100mΩ max. (connector contact)
 250mΩ max. (write protection switch)
Insertion and removal life 10,000 times
Ambient temperature -20 to +60℃
Breakdown voltage 100V for 1 minute
Mounting type standard
Stand-off dimensions 0.05mm
External size 26.50×27.8×2.8 (W×L×H Unit : mm)
Mounting type reverse
Stand-off dimensions 1.3mm
External size 27.4×27.8×4.35 (W×L×H Unit : mm)
Mounting type reverse
Stand-off dimensions 0.05mm
External size 27.04×27.8×2.95 (W×L×H Unit : mm)