Protection IC with built-in FET that has the industry's smallest on resistance. Supports increased battery capacity.
Protection IC with built-in FET for lithium-ion secondary batteries
Announced on October 3, 2014
The <MC3001> is a product based on a concept of minimizing the mounting area and energy loss by lowering the line resistance of the battery power supply system in response to the market trend of increasing current accompanying an increase in the capacity and load of the battery.
It contributes to a lower line resistance and the miniaturization of mobile devices using lithium-ion secondary batteries.

§ Features
2-in-1 package consisting of a protection IC and a charging and discharging FET switch
Simplification of the circuit board design is achieved by integrating them into a single package.
Built-in FET with low on resistance (RSS (on) = 10.6mΩ typ.)
Built-in dual FET charging and discharging switch common to the drain terminals. Line resistance can be kept low by lowering the source-to-source on resistance (RSS (on)).
Higher precision in the over-current detection accuracy
High precision over-current protection is possible by varying the discharging over-current detection voltage in accordance with the battery voltage.
Saves mounting space
Low back (0.5 mm max.) despite being a 2-in-1 laminated package. Helps in keeping the circuit board thin.

§ Main specifications
Max rated voltage
12V max. (protection IC unit), 24V max. (FET unit)
Max permissible loss
Drain current
6A max. (DC)
Operating voltage range
1.5 ~ 5.5V
Overcharging detection voltage
4.1 ~ 4.5V ±20mV (configurable range and tolerance)
Discharging stop voltage
2.0 ~ 3.0V ±100mV (configurable range and tolerance)
Discharging over-current
detection voltage
20 ~ 190mV ±6mV (configurable range and tolerance)
Charging over-current
detection voltage
-200 ~ -20mV ±10mV (configurable range and tolerance)
Source-to-source on resistance
10.6mΩ typ.
2.1(D) × 4.0(W) × 0.5(H) mm