Outstanding robustness, and a high level of reliability
Standard specifications
Onboard interface connection unit
Announced on February 14, 2014
There has been a rapid shift in the vehicle market to offer connectivity with portable data devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital audio players and other equipment. Interface connection units that connect to vehicle head units are a connecting box that make it possible to read information data from such portable data devices, and there are an increasing number of examples of onboard vehicle installations.
To address this demand, Mitsumi has developed the <CMI-BD001> standard type onboard interface connection unit.
The unit comes with the most commonly used connecting terminals "USB Standard-A type plug" and "AUX," with the USB Standard-A type plug compatible with USB 2.0 high-speed specifications.
While <CMI-BD001> is a standard product that delivers a high level of reliability capable of withstanding use within a vehicle environment, it can also be customized and developed to include charging functions for portable data devices.

§ Features
High insertion strength means installation is possible on the passenger side.
Outstanding weather resistance and compatibility with wide range of temperatures.
Structure that allows easy vehicle installation.
Compatible with USB 2.0 high-speed specifications.
High-performance model also available with even better measures against noise.

§ Main specifications
<USB> Connector
USB insertion strength
Typ. 400N
Insert-remove durability
10,000 times or more
USB transmission speed
USB interface
<AUX> Connector
Insertion force, removal force
3 to 30N
Insert-remove durability
10,000 times or more
Insulation resistance
100MΩ or more (DC 500 V)
Contact resistance
50MΩ or less (between terminal and plug)
<Operating environment>
Weather resistance
Sunshine carbon arc test 300 hours
Operating temperature range
-40 ~+105°C
External dimensions (unit dimensions)
31.0 (W) × 44.0 (L) × 37.0 (H) mm