This is a guide to the main products made by Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. You can see them if you agree the following agreement.
Any products mentioned in this catalog are subject to any modification in their appearance and others for improvements without prior notification.
Be aware that the specification given in this catalog are for the referential purpose only.
Details given in the standards/SPECIFICATIONS do not cover all specifications of the product.
The details listed here are not a guarantee of the individual products at the time of ordering. When using the products, you will be asked to check their specifications.
In the event the product is used in aerospace equipment, medical equipment, transportation equipment, disaster preventing equipment or an equivalent which may affect human health or property, please do not fail to consult with our Business Headquarters, branch or business office. When the usage conditions are not satisfied or exceeded, Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any trouble in, or damage to, the equipment with which the product is used.
In the event a problem which may affect industrial property or any other rights of Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. or a third party is encountered during the use of the product or information described in this catalog, Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd. shall not be liable for any such problem, nor grant a license therefore.
In the event the product described in this catalog falls under the category of strategic goods under the provisions of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, you have to obtain an export permit of the Government of Japan for export under said Law.
All brand names, logos, product names, trade names and service names described here are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations. Note that neither "TM" nor ® is described here.