Lithium-Ion Battery ICs
1cell Lithium-ion/Lithium-polymer battery protection IC
MM3645 Series
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MM3645 series are protection ICs for Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer secondary battery using high voltage CMOS process. They protect the battery pack/system from overcharge, overdischarge, and overcurrent, etc. by controlling FET SW. They realize overcurrent detection with high accuracy and improved temperature dependence by using an external chip resistor. In addition, by using charging off mode, it reduces the off current of system and prevents Lithium-ion battery from discharging when the system is off.

[Features] (Unless otherwise specified, Topr=+25°C)

1. Range and accuracy of detection / release voltage

●Overcharge detection voltage 3.6V to 5.0V, 5mV steps Accuracy±20mV
(Topr=-20 to +60℃)
●Overdischarge detection voltage 2.0V to 3.0V, 50mV steps Accuracy±35mV
●Discharging overcurrent detection voltage 20mV to 300mV, 1mV steps Accuracy±15%
●Charging overcurrent detection voltage -20mV to -300mV, 1mV steps Accuracy±15%
●Short detection voltage 0.45V to 0.9V, 50mV steps Accuracy±100mV

2. Release condition from each protection mode

●Overcharge release condition ”VDD < Overcharge release voltage” and
”Connecting load (V- > 0.4V)”
●Overdischarge release condition ”VDD > Overdischarge release voltage” and
”Connecting charger(V- < 0.2V)”
●Discharging overcurrent release condition ”Removing load (V- < 0.2V)”
●Charging overcurrent release condition ”Connecting load (V- > 0.4V)”

3. Range of detection delay time

●Overcharge detection delay time Selection from 0.25s, 0.5s, 1.0s
●Overdischarge detection delay time Selection from 20ms, 24ms, 96ms, 125ms
●Discharging overcurrent detection delay time Selection from 8ms, 12ms, 16ms, 20ms, 48ms
●Charging overcurrent detection delay time Selection from 8ms, 12ms, 16ms, 20ms, 48ms
●Short detection delay time 250µs standard

4. 0V battery charge functionSelection from ”Prohibition” or ”Permission”

5. Forcible discharge OFF mode

CNT > VDD-0.4 : DOUT=L Discharge=OFF
CNT < VSS-0.4 : DOUT=H Discharge=ON

6. Low current consumption

●Normal mode Typ. 3.0µA, Max. 5.5µA
●Stand-by mode Max. 0.1µA

7. Absolute maximum ratings

●VDD pin VSS-0.3V to +12V
●COUT pin and V- pin VDD-28V to VDD+0.3V
●DOUT, CS and CNT pin VSS-0.3V to VDD+0.3V
●Storage temperature -55 to +125℃
●Operation temperature -40 to +85℃


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