Lithium-Ion Battery ICs
3 to 5cells lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery protection IC
Monolithic IC MM3474 Series
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MM3474 series is an overcharge, overdischarge and overcurrent protection IC for a lithium-ion / lithiumpolymer rechargeable secondary battery. Lithium-ion / lithium-polymer rechargeable secondary battery overcharge each cell, over discharge, and discharge overcurrent, short circuits can be detected.
This supports 3 to 5 serial cells connected in series, and switches over to the desired no. of cells by sending High / Low signal to SEL terminal.
This also provides the control terminals of output over discharge detection (SDC) and output over charge detection (SOC), which allows configuring an application with fewer external parts for 6 or more cells connected in series.

[Features] (Unless otherwise specified, Topr=+25°C)

1) Range and accuracy of detection/release voltage

●Overcharge detection voltage 3.6V to 4.5V, 5mV steps Accuracy±25mV
(Topr=±0 to +50°C)
●Overcharge release voltage 3.4V to 4.5V, 50mV steps Accuracy±50mV
●Overdischarge detection voltage 2.0V to 3.0V, 50mV steps Accuracy±80mV
●Overdischarge release voltage 2.0V to 3.4V, 50mV steps Accuracy±100mV
●Overcurrent detect voltage 50mV to 300mV, 5mV steps Accuracy±15mV
●Short detection voltage 0.2V to 1.0V, 50mV steps Accuracy±100mV

2) Each detection delay time set by the external capacitor

3) The setting for three cell , for four cell , and for five cell protection can be set with the SEL1 pin and the SEL2 pin.

4) The charge and discharge of the battery can be controlled with SDC pin and SOC pin.

5) Low current consumption

●Consumption current1(Vdd) , Vcell=4.4V Typ. 10.0µA, Max. 20.0µA
●Consumption current2 (Vdd) , Vcell=3.5V Typ. 5.0µA, Max. 10.0µA
●Consumption current3 (Vdd) , Vcell=1.8V Typ. 1.5µA, Max. 3.0µA
●Consumption current1 (V5) , Vcell=4.4V Typ. 4.0µA, Max. 8.0µA
●Consumption current2 (V5) , Vcell=3.5V Typ. 3.0µA, Max. 6.0µA
●Consumption current3 (V5) , Vcell=1.8V Typ. 1.5µA, Max. 3.0µA

6) Absolute maximum ratings

●VDD pin VSS2-0.3V to +30V
●V5 pin V4-0.3V to VDD+0.3V
●Between the input terminals of voltage of battery -0.3V to +10V
●V- pin , CS pin VDD-30V to VDD+0.3V
●OV pin , DCHG pin VSS2-0.3V to VDD+0.3V
●SEL pin VSS2-0.3V to VDD+0.3V
●SDC pin , SOC pin VSS2-0.3V to VDD+0.3V
●Storage temperature -55℃ to +125℃
●Operation temperature -40℃ to +85℃


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