Announced on October 23, 2015

World's smallest class package size 2.0mm × 1.9mm
Advanced pressure sensor

The <MMR933XA> is an advanced pressure sensor that is installed in smartphones, wearable devices and activity meters that are increasing in market size, and has been designed to deliver the same absolute pressure accuracy, effective pressure resolution and other performance characteristics as Mitsumi's existing product, the MMR931XA (3.0mm × 3.0mm), but with a minimized mounting area. Mitsumi's proprietary packaging technology achieves the world's smallest class size of 2.0mm × 1.9mm, which contributes to a reduction in installation volume of devices that the sensors are installed in.
  • Mitsumi's proprietary packaging technology established for the world's smallest class package size.
  • Includes Mitsumi's AFE-IC for a high resolution up to 2.0Pa. (0.17m)
  • Corrections made to sensor fluctuations and temperature characteristics before shipped from the factory.
Main specifications
Supply Voltage VDD 1.7~3.6V
Operating temperature range -30~+85℃
Operating pressure range 30kPa~110kPa
Consumption current *1 2.4 / 3.8 / 10 / 28uA
Shutdown current VDD 0.1uA max.
VDDIO 0.2uA max.
Effective pressure resolution 17 / 7 / 3 / 2PaRMS
Absolute pressure accuracy ±200Pa (80kPa~110kPa, +5~+45℃)
±500Pa (30kPa~110kPa, +0~+65℃)
Conversion time *2 4.3 / 6.64 / 16.0 / 44.1msec *3
*1 Average with 1 sample/sec
*2 Time taken from issuing a command, to completing the pressure measurement
*3 Settings can be configured to suit applications (values for consumption current,
 resolution and conversion time are interrelated)
* Specifications may change due to modifications or improvements